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Amway was created by its two founders Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos in Ada, Michigan in the 1950s. The name Amway is definitely an abbreviation for "American Way". Their first product was L.O.C, Liquid Organic Cleaner was among the world's first bio-degradable, concentrated multi-purpose cleaners.

Half a century later the corporation has grown phenomenally to include hundreds of items that are shipped to over 80 countries worldwide. It's interesting that lots of people now believe this company to be a scam. Often the people are calling it a scam have no knowledge of how network marketing works and think that it is a pyramid system (that are illegal) or because they themselves happen to be involved in the opportunity after having been on auto ship for a couple of years they've made no money at all.

These negative perceptions of network marketing are not new but it is very hard to belief that Amway a company that has been in operation for over 50 years might be a scam. The truth that it has been around for this type of long period of time and the fact that there are 3 million Independent Business people (IBOs) that are part of this organization and many people continue to join Amway this will in itself disprove this opinion.

Amway Business

But unfortunately many over zealous IBOs happen to be know to sensationalise how easy it's to make money in this opportunity and just how quickly it can occur in order to increase sales. But this results in many people feeling disgruntled after they have not achieved the results that they were promised they could within 3 months. I find that it is not emphasized enough to new distributors the importance of their own drive, passion, effort in meeting their goals and dreams for making money in this opportunity.

Another issue that Amway faces and lots of other network marketing companies, would be that the training methods being taught to their new distributors are not so effective in today's climate. These techniques such as cold calling and door knocking could have been more affective before the advent of T.V, the internet or even cable television (and will not have been met with just as much disdain and scorn because they are now), when it would have been quicker to grab peoples' attention as they did not have as many distractions because they have now.

Mind you I believe Amway is a superb business opportunity, as the company is well established and has amazing products that would benefit many people. So, for any person that is thinking of joining this great organization, it is very important for people to understand how to market their opportunity with the latest cutting edge strategies so that they can explode their business exponentially, like many other people are doing at this time. By using marketing savvy as marketing for your warm market (individuals who already know you, on your part providing value for them) using attraction marketing strategies, where people are more likely to join you, not because of your business opportunity but because they like YOU and trust YOU and see an opportunity for themselves inside your business.

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