Public project deliverables are published in the table below after acceptance by the European Commission

NumberTitleWork packageNatureDisseminationDelivery date
D1.1Project Handbook and Quality PlanWP1RCO3
D1.21Management Report at month 6WP1RCO6
D1.22Management Report at month 12WP1RCO12
D1.23Management Report at month 18WP1RCO18
D1.24Management Report at month 24WP1RCO24
D1.25Management Report at month 30WP1RCO30
D1.26Management Report at month 36WP1RCO36
D2.11First User Scenarios & Business ExpectationsWP2RPU3
D2.12Final User Scenarios & Business ExpectationsWP2RPU18
D2.21First User Requirement & PoC Specification - FinalWP2RPU6
D2.22Final User Requirement & PoC SpecificationWP2RPU21
D2.31First Socio-Business Verification & ValidationWP2RCO24
D2.32Final Socio-Business Verification & ValidationWP2RCO36
D3.11OSMOSE Models and ArchitectureWP3RPU9
D3.12Final OSMOSE Models and ArchitectureWP3RPU24
D3.21First Integrated SystemWP3PCO18
D3.22Final Integrated SystemWP3RPU33
D3.31First Technical EvaluationWP3RCO18
D3.32Final Technical EvaluationWP3RCO33
D4.11Osmosis Processes Specification and Design - First versionWP4RCO12
D4.12Osmosis Processes Specification and Design - Final versionWP4RCO24
D4.21Middleware and Osmosis Processes Implemented First Version - FinalWP4PPU12
D4.22Middleware and Osmosis Processes Implemented Ð Final VersionWP4PPU24
D4.31Osmosis Middleware deployed into the proof of concepts Ð First VersionWP4PCO18
D4.32Osmosis Middleware deployed into the proof of concepts Ð Final VersionWP4PCO30
D5.11Front End Stargate Specification and Design Ð First versionWP5RCO12
D5.12Front End Stargate Specification and Design Ð Final versionWP5RCO24
D5.21Front End Stargate Implemented First version - FinalWP5PPU12
D5.22Front End Stargate Implemented Ð Final versionWP5PPU24
D5.31Front End Stargate deployed into the proof of concepts Ð First versionWP5PCO18
D5.32Front End Stargate deployed into the proof of concepts – Final versionWP5PCO30
D6.11First Sensing-Liquid Application in AerospaceWP6PCO15
D6.12Final Sensing-Liquid Application in AerospaceWP6PCO27
D6.21First Sensing-Liquid Application in AutomotiveWP6PCO15
D6.22Final Sensing-Liquid Application in AutomotiveWP6PCO27
D6.31First Sensing-Liquid Generic ApplicationWP6PPU21
D6.32Final Sensing-Liquid Generic ApplicationWP6PPU33
D7.11First Proof of Concept in AeronauticsWP7PCO18
D7.12Final Demonstrator in AeronauticsWP7DCO33
D7.21First Proof of Concept in AutomotiveWP7PCO18
D7.22Final Demonstrator in AutomotiveWP7DCO33
D7.31First Lessons Learned and Experience ManagementWP7RPU21
D7.32Final Lessons Learned and Experience ManagementWP7RPU36
D8.11Dissemination and Standardisation Plan and actions - First versionWP8RPU12
D8.12Dissemination and Standardisation Plan and actions – Second versionWP8RPU24
D8.13Dissemination and Standardisation Plan and actions – Final versionWP8RPU36
D8.21Exploitation plan and report – First versionWP8RCO12
D8.22Exploitation plan and report – Second versionWP8RCO24
D8.23Exploitation plan and report – Final versionWP8RCO36
D8.31Training Report – First versionWP8RCO27
D8.32Training Report – Second versionWP8RCO36