The OSMOSE Project will design and develop:


Reference Architecture

for modelling and managing shadow images of the same Sensing-Liquid Enterprise in the three interconnected worlds regarding both immaterial and material liquid flows under flexible security and privacy capability rules: Actors (RW), Agents (DW), Avatars (VW), representing humans and smart objects, interact and negotiate;

Event-driven and Service-oriented Osmiotic Middleware

to constantly and automatically keep background consistency between the three worlds through the implementation of three pairs of basic processes:

    • Virtualization RW-VW;
    • Augmentation VW-RW;
    • Digitalization RW-DW;
    • Actuation DW-RW;
    • Simulation DW-VW;
    • Enrichment VW-DW;

Liquid Stargate

which allows human users to browse the relevant real-digital-virtual assets in an integrated multi world representation view, to configure the behaviour of their human RW Actors - DW Agents - VW Avatars and to support knowledge sharing and experiences/emotions exchange, by crossing seamlessly the three worlds gates;

Innovative Sensing-Liquid Operations Management application

in the Aerospace Domain concerned with helicopters’ pilots training via Real and Virtual World flight simulators;

Innovative Sensing-Liquid Supply Chain Management application

in the Automotive Domain concerned with camshafts life cycle traceability.